Jimmy has left the building

Our friend, brother and master of the bass Jimmy Mattsson has decided to leave Loch Vostok. The reasons behind his departure is between him and us at this point but we are very sorry to see him go. We had a good run for several tours and albums and we wish him nothing but the best and good luck in his further endeavours.

Here is what Jimmy has to say:

”After careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that it is not doable for me to remain a member of Loch Vostok anymore. The reasons are many but I will not go further into details at this time.

I want to thank Klingwall, Mano, Lawrence and Kupper for the good times we’ve shared, Lars & Intromental, Boss & ViciSolum and also an extra special thanks to Teddy for believing enough in an unknown kid to bring him along for the ride of his life all those years ago.

Fear not. This is not the end for me. There are already plans in motion for the future.”