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“Strife”, album cover & tracklisting

“Strife” tracklisting:

Babylonian Groove
The Apologists are the Enablers
Consumer, Formerly Known as Human
Expiry Date of the Soul of Man

“Strife” is set to be released November 24th.

The digital single “Summer” will premiere on September 29th.

“Strife” is coming!

Statement from Intromental:

Sweden’s sovereign avantgarde/melo-death act Loch Vostok have announced the worldwide release date of their seventh album “Strife”, through Vicisolum Records.
The release date will be: November 24th!

However, early birds can already on September 29th hear the single-release, which will be the song “Summer”! An excellent 4 minute tracker, which makes Mike Patton almost seem normal, but which also brings the natural Loch Vostok trademark sound into the listener’s ear.

“Strife” deals with loss on every imaginable level, the loss of life, love, monetary assets, friends and so on, but also the rebuild afterwards.

Leadsinger/guitarist, Teddy Möller tells it, as it is:

“Expect the unexpected. Djent, modern progressive, dark, gloomy, groovy, doom, black metal, pop and ridiculously heavy. Huge production. In your face/wall of sound. Songwriting in it’s most unpure form, still as catchy as the plague and as beautiful as summer rain.”

The album was recorded at Frontporch Productions, mixed by David Castillo (Katatonia, Dark Tranquility, Sepultura) and mastered by Jens Bogren (No further introduction needed), both doing a splendid job with the awesome material, in Fascination Street!

Loch Vostok online:

Loch Vostok Discography:

2004: Dark Logic
2006: Destruction Time Again
2009: Reveal No Secrets
2011: Dystopium
2012: V – The Doctrine Decoded
2015: From These Waters
2017: Strife