Latest News

Release date & album title revealed

Our new album, “From These Waters”, will be released February 27 through ViciSolum Productions!

Store opened!

We now offer t-shirts and CD’s through our Merch section.

Studio update #5 and #6

Last weekend was spent recording keyboards with Fredrik and these past two evening was spent recording solo guitar with Niklas. Making big progress fast (in Loch Vostok terms!). Next up we’ll start working on the vocals.


Studio update #4

Jimmy just finished recording the bass for album number 6. Next up: keyboards!

Studio update #3

The last of the rhythm guitars for the new album were recorded this past weekend.
In a “few” weeks we will start working on the bass.

Studio update #2

This past week Teddy and Niklas have been keeping busy recording guitars for the new album.
So far 6 out of 10 songs have been nailed down and, of course, they sound amazing!

Swedish shows

Two gigs confirmed for August:
2014-08-29 Stockholm, Sweden – Copperfield’s
2014-08-30 Uppsala, Sweden – Inbreed Open Air Festival

Video diary part 1

Studio update #1

Today the recording process of our sixth album begun! Lawrence is locked away in Blueflame Studios and we won’t let him out until we’re more than satisfied with the results. Stay tuned for more updates!

New album update

The songs have beeen chosen and the track listing has been finalized. Out of 20+ songs 9 will end up on our next album. Recording is set to commence in March. Commented by the band:
“This is probably our most intense album yet!”