Tour update!

Two more shows added. Here are the dates:

20/8: (SE) Östhammar, ÖHK/Bowlan
21/8: (DK) Copenhagen, High Voltage

New keyboard player!

Loch-Vostok-2-Official-2015-by-Kady-MooreLet’s welcome Mattias Hagberg to the band! Mattias has been a good friend of the band for years and is now brought into the fold to handle the keyboards.

New website

Updated the design to go with the artwork of the upcoming album, “From These Waters”. It’s still a work in progress and new stuff will be added later.


So long, comrade!

Dear fans, friends and allies…
Our brother, friend, keyboardist and allround good guy Fredrik Klingwall has decided to concentrate all his available time on walks, video games and feelgood activities such as knife fights, masturbation and the destruction of all accordions and saxophones in the known world.
He has no time for Loch Vostok anymore. He fired himself even though we tried to stop him with bribes, violence and giant pillows. It’s what it is.
No, there were no “musical or personal differences”. Seeya at the bar bro. Rum & Coke?

This can affect the upcoming shows, but it won’t… or will it? The mystery continues.
Check back soon for the next episode of THE GREAT KEYBOARDIST DRAMA!!!

Confirmed shows for 2015. So far.

2015-02-21 Sweden, Kalmar – Club Dedication
(w/ One Hour Hell)
2015-04-18 Sweden, Sala – Rockland
(w/ Scar Symmetry)
2015-05-23 Belgium, Vosselaar – Secrets of Metal Fest
(w/ Furyon, Kenziner, Electro_Nomicon etc.)

From These Waters

Jewel case                                                                  Digital

Swedish extreme progressive metallers Loch Vostok are set to release their 6th album titled ” From These Waters” on March 27, 2015. Ten new songs that covers pretty much anything and everything metal, from doom to übershred, from death metal to djent, from black metal to progmetal, from beauty to the ugliest of ugly! This time, only grittier!
The band is also confirmed to play the Secrets Of Metal Festival, in Belgium on May 23.
01. Like Poison To The Stars
02. I Implode
03. From These Waters
04. Fighting Fire With Blood
05. Lost In Transmutance
06. Dead Sea Trolls
07. And The Storm Spread It´s Wings
08. Sentiment
09. Me Forgotten
10. They Brought The Dark
Two new songs “Like Poison to the Stars” and ”Sentiment” is streaming on Bandcamp